What Are the Signs that Indicate Your Relationship Is on the Verge of Danger?

Young men like to date older women, they like the delicate, sexy, mature and so on of older women. If you want to maintain a long-lasting cougar hook up dating relationship with your sugar momma, then you should always pay attention to the changes in your cougar dating relationship. When you find that your cougar dating relationship has problems, you should promptly remedy. So today, let us see what signs indicate that your cougar hook up relationship is on the verge of danger.

First of all, if the sugar momma loses interest in you, the most obvious thing is that when you are having older women dating with her, she is not so focused on listening to your speech, or her eyes are not communicating with you very much. Her eyes are no longer with surprise and shine when she is talking to you. Then these signs indicate that your older women dating relationship is dangerous. So, you have to take some remedies right away, such as giving her some small surprises during the date, taking her to experience some exciting outdoor activities and so on.

Secondly, when she goes shopping with you, the eyes will always stare at some handsome young men, which means that you are less handsome than them in her eyes. At this time, you need to change yourself, maybe you need to re-create a new hairstyle, buy a few handsome and stylish clothes or go to the gym to exercise to make you look more men and so on.

Third, there is no passion when you have sex.
This shows that your way of making love has made her tired. No new ways of making love can't arouse her hormones. So, you have to improve your sex skills. The most important thing is to create a romantic atmosphere for her when you are hooking up. You can also take her to the beach, go to the mountains, and changing places to make love can give her a lot of freshness and excitement.

Fourth, she will rarely return your information.
Usually in a good cougar hook up dating relationship, the sugar momma is looking forward to the young man's text message. No matter how busy they are, just seeing the text message they will reply you the first time. If she is not as active as before, it means that she feels a little bored talking to you. You should look for a topic that is suitable and interesting for her. These topics must be of interest to older women. Otherwise, she doesn't want to take care of you.
Keep talking with you.

These four signs all suggest that your older women dating partner relationship is on the verge of collapse. When you notice these signs, you need to take appropriate steps to save your mature dating relationship.