How to Break Up with Your Older Woman Peacefully?

Most of what we mentioned before is how to maintain a long-lasting cougar hook up dating relationship with your sugar momma. Now let's talk about how you should break up with your sugar momma friendly if you lose interest in her.

First of all, breaking up is definitely a frustrating topic. If the cougar dating relationship between older woman and young man is not related to a very tense state, no one is willing to break up. In an older women dating relationship, the breakup hurts two people and not just unilateral hurt. So, you should be seriously thinking about the cougar hook up dating relationship between you two before you suggest breaking up. You should think if the relationship between you has really gone to an irreparable situation.

Secondly, if you have already thought about it, then you have to think of a good way for older women to accept. For example, you can sit down with her to talk about your present relationship, then talk about the problems between you. Then you propose to break up again, which is not very sudden, but also gives her reasons for breaking up. For most older women, this way of breaking up is more acceptable. Because older women are not as unreasonable as young women, if they really realize that the mature dating relationship has come to an end as you said, then she will readily accept the breakup. The other way is that you deliberately make mistakes in front of her, let her slowly start to hate you, when she is unbearable to you, she will actively propose to break up with you, this way of breaking up makes the older woman have a sense of superiority, not let they feel that they have been abandoned by you. Instead they will feel that you are not suitable for them so that they abandon you. This kind of treatment is also less harmful to both sides.

Third, when we have just broken up, most people will feel very lonely. This is the so-called empty window period. When we are in the empty window period, it is easy to miss the older woman, so at this time you must hold back the loneliness and not to connect with your older woman, otherwise your breakup will have no effect, it is likely that you will return to the mature dating relationship of the former cougar dating partner once you have a connection. So, since you have broken up, don't tie the knot, otherwise, it will be difficult to get rid of the older woman. Of course, if your former sexual partner suddenly contacts you after breaking up, you can't reply to her. Since you have broken up, you shouldn't have any contact, including SMS contact. Otherwise, this relationship is very difficult to end.

The above is how I shared with you about how to break up with minimal hurt to both sides.